djrocksi - Feminino - 22 anos


Dj Rock Si (Roxy, Kiev, Ukraine)
Young, talented, perspective, hardworking girl who lived in Portugal for 12 years and have returned to Ukraine to find herself. The story started with her singing in local karaoke bars. Meanwhile, she went a to different clubs but one thing was always in her mind, a dream of becoming a DJ.
With the opening of a new club in her hometown (Cherkassy) she was invited to sing in the Pre-Party so this was her real chance to show her vocal potential to the whole city. The crowd loved her, that was a sign to her so she decided not to stop and asked to teach her DJing.
The beginning of her DJing started at the Bombay Bar (Cherkassy) where she worked for 4 months. Sadly, the bar was closed, but luckily for her, she was invited to work in the most popular club of Cherkassy which is Reflection Club. Over time she became the art director, manager and began to supervise the club, in this period she was working to develop her music style, she moved smoothly from Deep House Music, to House, G/House, Future House Music.
Local restaurants started to notice a girl who wasn’t just playing any music, but she was delivering a high quality music. Bit by bit, came more and more offers for a so young DJ with not so much of an experience, one example is when she went to a neighbor town (Khmelnytskyi) DJing in the “Storm” Club. After this, in one of the office parties where she was delivering music, she was noticed by the director of a 3G radio station in Kiev, she was offered a position of Resident DJ. So, she started to release and broadcast her weekly show called Magic Soul Motion. After 4 months of her activity in the radio she managed to perform in several clubs of Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk, also she opened the summer season at Sun Grilla Club (Kiev). She made the decision to make some changes in her life, so, the artistic name went from Roxy to Rock Si and she started a new radio program named “Domino”.
Now, at only 20 years old, she is successful in Ukraine. She decided to visit her father who is currently living in Switzerland, and why not to try play also there? Her baggage of experience is only a year and a half but one thing is certain, she absolutely loves her job. She has a great feature that stand out, she have an amazing voice, so when she play the remixes she also sing within them. Recently she started to write her own song as well as work hard to become better at her job.
While she was in Portugal, she also played clarinet for a very long period, acted as a vocalist in Bag Band, a jazz band.
Rock Si has this important rule that she often quotes: “When I am choosing the music for the party, I close my eyes and imagine how people reacts to this music and how they dance, if my skin goosebumps, I definitely download it and save to use it later”

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